Legends of Ellaria

Exodus - A short story

Your are the king of a clan, that once belonged to a powerful empire... An old clan, who came from the decaying world of Marra in search for RifstStone, a special resource that is the base of all magic. For centuries, kingdoms on Marra have waged endless wars with each other for the rare and precious RiftStone,. Ironically, the wars for that ultimate power have left the once glorious world of Marra as nothing but an empty, barren land. With the last RiftStone available and the finest wizards and researchers in Marra, you are determined to build a portal and travel through the rift to the source of the RiftStone, a world that is in the center of other worlds rift, a world which has more magical and rich resources that you could imagine: Ellaria.

In Ellaria, you will have a chance to explore this magical land, find ancient artifacts, go on quests, and also rebuild your kingdom, by collecting resources and taming creatures, constructing buildings, and eventually form entire cities filled with a rich population.

But as you go deeper through the land of Ellaria, you will find that the former kingdoms of the three clans have also found their way to your dimension:
- The warrior clans - unmatched in the sword and bow.
- The builder clans with their feared siege weapons and technology,
The all powerful wizard clans, some specializes in the power of healing and some yield destructive magic, so dreadful that can destroy armies.
These clans will all compete with your kingdom either in land, politics or in the field of battle.

As you conquer or ally with the clans that you encounter, you will soon discover that you are not alone in Ellaria, and will soon face an ancient evil dark force that your presence has awoken. A force, that is far more dangerous and terrifying than anything you imagined…

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