Legends of Ellaria

Rule your kingdom.

Rule and influence the immersive world around you based on your own decisions. Expand your borders, improve your economy, practice diplomacy, or conquer your neighbors. Figure out friend and foe alike or make no distinction. But be warned, decisions have consequences.

Develop your world.

With every move you make, the world around you changes. And not just diplomatically. Even the very terrain around you can be destroyed, leveled, or shaped. It’s all up to you.

Arm yourself.

Legends of Ellaria isn’t always peaceful. Strategize and fight epic battles on locations of your choice. Expand your armies with siege weapons and magic, then lead them in first person or real time strategy mode.

Build your kingdom, forge your throne.

Legends of Ellaria allows you to build and customize your very own kingdom from the ground up. Specialize in production or put together the greatest military foundation ever seen. Organize your subjects into builders, farmers, warriors, or even wizards.

Live your adventure, create your story.

Legends of Ellaria offers hundreds of hours of captivating story to follow from Marra to Ellaria, but you certainly don’t have to. Create your own story from the very beginning in this non-linear world. Adventure and tackle quests in first person or simply command your subjects from your throne.

Be who you want to be.

Find your own style by perfecting the builder, wizard, or warrior classes and subclasses.

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